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EKT technology generates financial and industrial savings, but more than that, it directly impacts the human, social and natural environment.
In this way, what our company offers is the possibility of waste recovery and sustainable development.

Landfill VolumeReduction Bio-OrganicFertilizer Diesel / Oil /Aviation Fuel Bio SyntheticWood Electricity Solid FuelEnergy IBSC:IndustrialBio SyntheticCompound USW/ISS

Industrial Waste (ISW - Industrial Solid Waste)

EKT technology can transform industrial waste, including mixed and/or contaminated waste.
If your company generates waste and has expenses for its correct destination, get to know our solution now.
Start profiting from your waste using our technology that is genuinely sustainable.

Agricultural Waste (ASW - Agricultural Solid Waste)

EKT's technology transforms residues from agricultural and livestock activities, such as fertilizer packaging, agricultural pesticides, crop residues and packaging of agrochemicals into new income generation opportunities for your business.
You stop spending on the correct destination of your agricultural waste and start generating new income, according to the countless possibilities generated from the transformation into IBSC.

Urban Waste (MSW - Urban Solid Waste)

Transporting urban waste is a high cost factor, as it carries a bulky material with little weight, around 200 to 250 kg per cubic meter, which contains approximately 50% water.
By transforming MSW into IBSC, the generation of slurry is eliminated, as it is no longer a waste but a dry industrial raw material,
the need for transshipment stations and final disposal sites (landfill) is eliminated. The cost of logistics is drastically reduced,
because it starts to carry weight and not more volume.

What can you do with
EKT Global technology?

Biosynthetic Wood

Biosynthetic charcoal

Liquid Fuels

Thermoelectric Energy

Bio-organic fertilizer


What does EKT Global
bring to your business?

Sustainable technology

We develop solutions that transform waste (ISW and ASW) and urban waste (MSW) into a raw material, called industrial biosynthetic compound (IBSC), which can be used to produce biosynthetic wood (BSW), electricity, oil, diesel, bioorganic fertilizer and more.

Analysis and Consulting

Our experts evaluate and develop a complete solution to implement EKT technology to transform your waste into products of high commercial value.


We carry out the installation of the process in the structure of your business, according to the project specifications and we provide training to use our technology.


Products derived from EKT technology have several uses, including: the creation of silos and construction using biosynthetic wood.

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