About us

We are a Brazilian company, located in the south of Brazil, which has been operating for over 20 years in the research and development of ecological technologies in waste processing.

The technology provided by EKT aims to shape a future that does not suffer from the impacts caused to the environment and at the same time generates new business from the result of the reuse of waste.

The problem of waste, produced in increasingly monumental quantities, damaging the environment, biodiversity and public health, has a solution.

Our dedication is directed to the improvement of clean technologies, in the area of revaluation of urban, agricultural and industrial solid waste, transforming it into products of high commercial value.

“The responsible reprocessing of liabilities is a saving path for the future of our Planet, as it has a double positive environmental effect: it protects natural sources and cleans our planet.”

Carlos Flister, Fundador e Diretor, EKT Global

Our pillars

Socially responsible

Environmentally correct

Economically viable

Technologically advanced (zero waste)


of recycled plastic in 2020

Where are
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