EKT System

ASW = Agricultural Solid Waste
USW = Urban Solid Waste
ISS = Industrial Solid Scrap
IBC = Industrial Biologic Compound
IMSC = Industrial Mineral Synthetic Compound
IBSC = Industrial Bio Synthetic Compound
BSW = Bio Synthetic Wood



Industrial Bio Synthetic Compound

Bio Synthetic Wood

1 Ton of IBSC produces 1m³ of Bio Synthetic Wood.


100 Tons of IBSC Generate 150 Megawatts.

Diesel Oil

100 Tons of IBSC Produces 35.200 liters of Bio Synthetic Diesel Oil.

Bio Synthetic Coal

100 Tons of IBSC Produces 59 tons of Biosynthetic Coal

Solid Fuel

1 Ton of IBSC Produces 4 millions of Kcal and 30 kg of ashes (3%)

Landfill Reduction

100 Tons of IBSC = Reduction of 1200m³ of USW to 135m³ of IBSC.

Bio Fertilizer

100 Tons of IBSC is equivalent to 100 tons of bio-organic fertilizer. .


It is necessary prior waste separation?

The EKT system does not require waste separation , being relevant only in the case of commercial interest to sell them separately.

The process consumes water?

The little water that exists in the process is conditioned in a closed circuit, without any contact with the product. Its consumption is strictly symbolic, only some evaporation.

The processes generate any type of waste?

Ashes: used as filler in MBS.

About Us

We are a Brazilian company that has been operating for over 20 years in research and development of high performance green technologies for processing of urban and industrial solid waste into high-value products.

Our dedication is directed to the development of clean technologies and economic recovery of waste, urbans solid / industrial scrap / mineral scrap / agricultural waste and scrap, etc, always with a commitment to offer solutions based on four stackeholders :

  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Economic
  • Technological

Our technologies and equipment transforms the urban solid waste and industrial scrap into biosynthetic wood, electricity, diesel biosynthetic oil, solid fuels, bio-organic fertilizer, among other derivatives without generating unwanted or harmful residues to the environment, with high efficiency.

Have a great sustainable business. Count on EKT.

Contact us

Miranda St, 212, Liberdade, Novo Hamburgo, RS – Brazil. Zip Code 93.330-390

E-mail: comercial@ektglobal.com

Tel: +55 (51) 3036-7906